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Action-instalation executed in Berlin and Hannover, that asks the question: "what does it mean being a foreigner?" the public is invited to write words on my body. Without seeing the word, only feeling the pen on my skin I try to reproduce the word in real time. New words are made creating a design on the space-instalation.

"By forwarding her process of investigation of body and word, Andressa Cantergiani finds in the foreign the enigma of translating. The alterity that makes diference - and demand interpretation - becomes the object of her research in Antworte, a performance that, as in The Pillow Book by Peter Greenaway, happens as the notes are taken over the skin. Answering the question "what is a foreigner?", the public writes their words, that are reinterpreted by the artist, tactilely and intuitively, and translated and transcribed to the walls of the gallery.

In this Project, the cultural differences, and the resulting political clashes, acquire new mediation possibilities through language, that here won't exist ad barriers anymore, but as an open semantic field, a space for translation and interpretation. The result of this operation is a "Tower of Babel" of expressions that presents itself as a dialectic alternative for bodies and cultures that are foreign to one another." by Bernardo José de Souza.

Material: two water-based black markers

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