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How can we survive together in challenging times, and live a sensorial experience in the same space?


ABRIGO 2021 is a new performance by the artist, an unfolding of the work ABRIGO presented at the show Flutua: Resonant Dialogues at Galeria Mamute in Porto Alegre in 2020.  From a reflection on the politics of care, questioning how we can survive together in challenging times, as well as providing a sensory experience through wearing aluminized covers, with texture and metallic sound when dressed and by its movement in space, the action/installation ended up happening without the public opening itself to another way related to the context of the surroundings in which the artist spent between Porto Alegre and Berlin in 2021. Trapped in a dome and without air the artist interacts with the public through the interactivity of sound and light and NFTs - in the blockchain - that interfere directly in the work bringing to the artist a new look on the future.


ABRIGO 2021 is the occupation of a place and a time that do not exist. The permanence in a non-place. The search for belonging somewhere and being open to the new unknown. The performance brings the blockchaim and NFT technologies in an innovative way, dialoguing with the moment we are living of the pandemic of a possible way out and hope also to occupy the open spaces and the resumption of cultural spaces safely.


ABRIGO 2021 is the first performance in the world that will happen with the interference of NFTs and will also happen live and transmitted by internet. The performance counts with the operational and realization partnership and the technology support of Studio Mentaland and DuxCrypto.


Technical File

"Commissioned work by Crypto Dux"


Year: 2021

Artist: Andressa Cantergiani

Video recording of the performance (capture/editing): Josué Monteiro Antunes

Photo performance record: Emmanuel Denaui

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