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Displacement. hearing place. other spaces. other bodies. blank cities. dialogic deconstruction. inside-out emptyness. fourt district. eviction. abject body.

“Aqui tudo parece

Que era ainda construção

E já é ruína

Tudo é menino, menina

No olho da rua

O asfalto, a ponte, o viaduto

Ganindo prá lua

Nada continua…”

-Caetano Veloso-

In September 2017 I went to an artistic residency in Berlin. At the end of this period I walked through Prenzlauerberg neighborhood until the Volspark to speak on the situation that artist-run spaces and galleries are suffering through out the world, specially in the cities of Berlin and Porto Alegre, suffering side by side the population of this places with gentrification. There, I let the word "Art" fly on 50 black balloons until they were out of sight. Part of a clothing piece created using the construction screen fabric, present in many of the big real state developments caused by real state speculation.


After long walks and exhaustive wandering practices through the 4th District of Porto Alegre, between January and March of 2018, I was struck by memory. By wandering through this part of the city, the work and the condition of the neighborhoods in which I made my Berlin residency come back incessantly. This phenomenon that is part of the civilizing process, that is both from there and from here, punches through me. This photoperformance is an unravelling of the subject.


Berlin, the city in constant construction. Porto Alegre, the eternal unfinished building site. One being sewn, the other, shredded. Exercising eviction in a process affected by the concept of Gentrification.

This wokr was shown at the exhibition "Café com Sal" curated by Tetê Barachini, at the space Planta Baja in Porto Alegre, as well as in the exhibition AORISTA, curated by Francisco Dalcol, glued as posters through out town and inside the ECARTA Foundation gallery as well.


Dimensões: 173cm x 300 cm

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