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Shelter is born from the idea of creating a safe space, of protection and conversation between people who are invited to dive inside cloaks made from emergency aluminized thermic blankets used for survival, a material I've been researching since the work Combat in 2018. The work would be presented in the opening of the Exhibition "Flutua: in dissonant conversation" curated by Paula Bohrer, at Mamute Gallery. But with the Covid-19 pandemic I finished it in isolation and mounted it with the gallery closed. This activation will happen in the opening post-quarantine.

Shelter is an instalation/performance that needs the public to happen and asks questions of how we can survive together in the middle of harsh times, as well as creating a sensorial experience with its texture, metallic sound while the cloak is being put on and its movement in space. After social distancing the work is empowered, since aluminium is a material that isolates the skin from harsh weather and the elements and can be used as protection in this moment in which we have to protect ourselves to go out on the street or when gettin in touch with another person.

A material that isolates, protects, shelters, cares.

In this moment where angst paralizes our senses, when surviving is the focus of our experience, there's a double meaning to how we care, how do we care for each other and ourselves? how were we doing this before the isolation?And still, how can we create art in the middle of all of this?

Size: 120cmx50cm

Mateiral: LED light, cellophane plastic, aluminium fabric

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