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Immersive Performative AR Installation and Instagram filter, developed in collaboration with the artist Fernando Gregório where a Trepadeira (popular name for ivy in Brazil) takes over the space like an invasion. People walk past them and their scans fails/errors.
The project Trepadeira, departs of the plant  Ivy that spreads rapidly, filling all spaces, climbing, climbing over everything, is a metaphor to talk about human invasions, migrations, contaminations, exchanges, fights, oppressions, colonization of human and non-human species.The ivy is a European plant that invaded the Americas and Asia. Today it cohabits with various species, growing in different directions and fighting for light.

In the Onsite residency at the Brücke Museum in Berlin, I'm constantly coming across this species, the way it occupies space, its presence. As an artist of the body, after all the provocations, I began to imagine it present on a more surreal scale in the space, counteracting the other lives in proportion, overlapping us, sprouting from the middle of the Waldraum room. My initial proposal was to scan things, objects, space, plants, people with the question: what makes this alive? and do an audiovisual performance with this material in the glass room (Waldraum). After this first week of residency, I'm returning the question with this invasion in AR, in an almost post-apocalyptic image of after the end of the world, when nature returns but on a monumental scale.


Site Spefici Work carried out as part of the ONSITE site spefic festival and residency project organized by the interdisciplinary collective POE:RA (Lucas Lacerda and Daniel Weyand) at the Brucke Museum in Grunewald/Berlin. In the workshop run by the Club Real collective ( at the residency program, George commented that Ivy was fighting with two other species for light in Grunewald (the forest where the Brucke Museum is located) in a kind of suffocation.

The Trepadeira Plant can also serve as a metaphor for us to reflect on the European arts system, from the point of view of a Latin American artist, an immigrant, who struggles for a place in the sun and sometimes feels that she is infiltrating institutional spaces without being “invited”. ” to inhabit some Eurocentric spaces. and also in the onsite residence project occupying, “invading”, filling, spreading across the Brucke Museum with various artists from all over the world thinking about occupying this space. In some way these inverted invasions are a response to colonization.

Technical Sheet:

Concept & 3D scanner: Andressa Cantergiani
AR and 3D development: Fernando Gregório
Sound Art: Anderson Kaltner

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