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andressa cantergiani

Transdisciplinar and multimedia artist 

PHD in Visual Poetics by PPGAV / UFRGS (2021). Master of Communication and Semiotics Program of the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (2008), with research grant CAPES, through the project "The mediatization of pain: communicative strategies and political resistance". Bachelor of Dramatic Arts from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (2004). she has experience in Arts and Education, with emphasis on visual arts, working mainly in the following subjects: corpomidia, hybrid languages, performance, video and photography. She acts as an educator at the Feminist Culture Point: Body & art & expression. She is the founder, artist and manager of Galeria Península. In his recent production stand out: ALMOST ONE ISLAND, curatorship and videoperformance (Galeria Península, Porto Alegre / RS, 2014). ATERRO, performance and individual photographic exhibition (MINC - Brazil / Culture Interchange Award, Guillherme Cossoul Gallery, Lisbon, 2015). GAMES OF APPROXIMATION, artistic residence and collective exhibition (Galeria Península, Porto Alegre / RS, 2015). Collective Exhibition Memories and Identities (Museum of Human Rights, World Social Forum, Porto Alegre, 2016). PERFORMANCE CIRCUIT, curated by Elcio Rossini at the Mostra AudiovisualSemDestino (UFRGS / PPGAV / UFSM and Galeria Península, Porto Alegre / RS, 2016). Artistic Residence in TERRA UNA, Minas Gerais, Brazil. (2016) Artistic residence at the MUSEUM BISPO DO ROSÁRIO DE ARTE CONTEMPORÂNEA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (2016) PPPP-PUBLIC PROGRAM OF PERFORMANCE PENINSULA, design and coordination in progress (Porto Alegre / RS, 2016/2017).

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